The New Advisor for Life
by Stephen D. Gresham
Practical Advice for
Succeeding in the Wealth Management Arena


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The New Managed Account Solutions Handbook
by Stephen D. Gresham &
Arlen S. Oransky

New Edition of the definitive reference guide for wealth managers.
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Steve Gresham Company Grasshopper
About the Grasshopper
The grasshopper was affixed to the Gresham family's coat of arms by Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579), financial agent to both Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I of England. Sir Thomas represented the royal crown in financing the war against the Spanish Armada and founded Gresham College in London. He is also credited with saving the British currency through the introduction of bimetallic currency, which led to the hoarding of gold coins while silver was used in commerce. Gresham's Law refers to "bad money driving out good" -- a business metaphor with many applications beyond finance. A successful merchant, Sir Thomas Gresham founded the Royal Exchange, a central marketplace for transactions that still stands next to the Bank of England on Threadneedle Street in London complete with an ornate cupola featuring the golden grasshopper.

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Steve Gresham Financial Industry Author

Mr. Gresham is one of the financial industry’s true pioneers. Since beginning his career in 1980, Mr. Gresham has been at the forefront of many defining trends including managed accounts, fee-based wealth management, lifecycle mutual funds and alternative investment products. He was named Mutual Fund Marketer of the Year in March 2007 by Institutional Investor/Fund Action. He has led successful teams either as a consultant or senior executive at over 50 financial services companies, including Merrill Lynch International, Fidelity, Schwab Institutional, Phoenix Investment Partners, AGF Funds and AIM Distributors. He is a former director of The Money Management Institute and is a founding director of the International Money Management Institute in London. He is currently a visiting instructor in Public Policy at Brown Univeristy and co-chair of Brown's "As America Ages" initiative at the Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions.
Mr. Gresham is prominent in the media, having appeared on CNN, PBS, USA Network and Bloomberg Radio and Television. He has published more than 100 articles and has been featured in Business Week, Fortune, Investment News and The New York Times. His most recent column, Advisor for Life, appeared in Registered Rep. He is the author of five books about the financial advice industry, including The New Advisor for Life (John Wiley & Sons, 2011) and (with Arlen Oransky) The New Managed Account Solutions Handbook (Wiley, 2007). Mr. Gresham is a graduate of Brown University.


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Three Things Baby Boomers
Won't Tell You
by Steve Gresham
Conventional wisdom suggests that the wave of retiring baby boomers will extend the salad days of the financial advice business. Not so fast. The protracted and painful 25-plus-year decline of the North American automobile industry provides a somber warning to the full-service financial advice business: adapt to the changing needs of the baby boomer age wave or face extinction.

Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs willing to listen and respond to changing consumer preferences — every generation expects to have things “their way.” But as the Big Three automakers learned too late, ignoring change drives away potential customers and opens the door to competition ... More >>

"Advisors' Changing Roles"
With the role of the advisor having shifted remarkably in recent years, Steve Gresham discusses three main liabilities advisors must address as part of an effective wealth management solution. Play

"Beat the Market?"
Steve Gresham explains why he believes a mixture of both alpha and beta funds might be best in today's volatile markets. Play
"Inside an Alternative Asset Fund"
The current environment proves that stocks and bonds aren't always the place to be, and here, Steve Gresham discusses seven alternative asset classes targeted in his firm's newest fund. Play
"Look at Alternatives"
Steve Gresham denounces the common belief that alternative investments are reserved only for hedge funds, instead explaining why many are prudent investments for the masses. 


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